cnc machining

The CNC machining process

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is an integral part of the manufacturing, where computers are used to control machine tools.  A computer program is generated for each product directly from the client’s desired model and the machines using this program control the contours and the features of the product.

The latest technology combined with skills and experience

At AV Engineering we offer a CNC machining and trimming facility on plastics using the most current 5-axis CNC machines and software. These programs are generated from CAD (Computer Aided Design) or manually taught by one of our experienced operators, where CAD information is not available. Therefore, this allows AV Engineering to machine one off prototypes up to full production runs.

In addition to this, our complete CAD/CAM system enables us to machine block models, male and female moulds, patterns for sand castings and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) mouldings.

Our maximum machining envelope is 2000mm in X, 2000mm in Y and 710mm in Z, with machining speeds up to 20 metres per minute and double-ended heads capable of 18,000 rpm.