in house mould making

The mould making process

During the thermoforming process, the necessary shape of a product is achieved by heating the plastic sheets and forming them into a female or over a male mould. At AV Engineering we provide a flexible in house mould making facility that allows us to manufacture high quality, cost effective products.

High quality tool making

Our moulds are made from a wide range of materials, including ureol modelling board and aluminium. Ureol and aluminium moulds are CNC machined at our facilities. At the same time, tools made from zinc spray can be taken directly from a pre-machined model of a product. We can then incorporate desired details into the product, including undercuts, logos, negative returns, re-entires, textures and label recesses.

AV Engineering’s in house mould making facility allows us to control the process from start to finish, thus accommodating client’s timescales. It also ensures that the quality is consistent from a dimensional and aesthetic point of view, throughout the whole product manufacturing process.

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